Links And Communication

Ladies and Gents, whip out your heisenberg compensators and morse code translators, because Deuteronomy is open for communication. Compliments? Comments? Concerns? Death threats? Hit us up, it’s likely we’ll hit you up too.


Band e-mails: (So you want to get your words out to the lads who make up Deuteronomy, do you? Well, you have come to the right place. Yes, these really do go straight to the guys. Just a warning, though, the boys of Deuteronomy are busy lads. They do thoroughly enjoy getting your letters but can't always respond to every one. So don't be peeved if you don't get a letter back.)




If you’re a cosmopolitan hipster and solely utilize sites such as twitter, you can find Max and Keith dwelling there. Dmitriy doesn't really have regular access to twitter, so if you contact Dmitriy there, odds are, you'll get nothing. But, you can follow them @theoriginalMax , @slapdabasskeith and @dmitriydank respectively.

Hey! Wanna join the Deuteronomy street team? We’re very extensive in our reach, and would love some extra hands. We have active street teams in the following countries and regions:

-Mid-Atlantic US (Epicenter)

-Southwestern US

-Midwest US


-United Kingdom


-Czech Republic

-Western Russia

-Eastern Russia

Don’t see your hometown, or homeland? Drop us a line and organize us a street team in your area. We’ll love you forever, and for doing such, we’ll give you personally free goodies and love, and if you do a good enough job, we’ll thank you by name in our album credits.

As Vojtech of the Czech Republic chapter of the street team would say, “STREET TEAM STREET TEAM FUCK YEAH STREET TEAM!”

This site is a beauty, ain't it? Send an email to your lovely den momma webmaster, Max. Reach him using his address, to tell me how good or how horrible he's doing. It's tough being a singer/guitarist/webguy/merch salesman for a band, man!)