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DECEMBER 14, 2017 Wow! Well, I guess, as you can see, we fucked up. We haven't updated this tab in, well, all year. Long story short, we sold a good amount of records, and went on our first cross country US Tour!! We do have some news, though. We have a massive show coming on the 16th of December..... in two days!! It is a Jewish Pride / Anti Fascist show. Read Deuteronomy’s Psychedelic Hanukkah - Music as Rebellion for more a more detailed report by Temple student Will Stickney. Fat Randy (CT), DIED (NYC) and Earthboy (PHL) will be assisting in making the rock. See you in two days, Max, Keith, and Dmitriy

FEBRUARY 27, 2017
Huzzah! The vinyls are going to be released on MARCH 1ST! $10, add $5 for shipping in the US. Europe? Pick one up from our European distributor, SKARO Records! You can even buy it in a store. It may come up as Infinite Fields due to a barcode mishap, but fear not, for it is Psychedelic Power Pop! You can send money via PayPal to Max@DeuteronomyMusic.com
Please include your shipping address and whether or not you'd like it signed with the PayPal money.

Your friends,
Max, Dmitriy, and Keith

DECEMBER 10, 2016

Our huge announcement is here! VINYL RECORDS!
Yep, gang, you heard that right! Our own Creative Space Records, which we've used to self-release our albums to various sites around the net, has stepped up its game and is a real record label now. This record will be called Psychedelic Power Pop. 1000 copies will be pressed on colored 12 inch vinyl, to be released in Spring 2017 (color to be announced upon release, and official release date TBA, somewhere from January to March...). This beautiful hand-painted cover was made by James Usill, from Plymouth, in the United Kingdom. The cost will be, in America, $10, plus shipping. We are fed up, as vinyl listeners ourselves, of seeing new vinyl go for $25 to $40 for a new single 12 inch LP. That's absolutely ludicrous. $10 is a fair price, we as a band can earn a meager living, while keeping the cost reasonable for our fans. For Europe, we're working out a distribution deal with Berlin, Germany-based SKARO Records, to try to get this vinyl into your market, helping you avoid paying large costs for shipping. As for the material, it's a compilation of our best work yet. Track listing to be posted in a few weeks. As for rumors that we were going to be working on a collaboration with synth-pop artist HOME, and that it would appear on this album, sorry, all :( ...we did attempt a track with him, and his synth parts are all recorded, however, they're being shelved. We wouldn't want to put out a final product that we were not happy with, so that collab will be finished someday in the future. We like the song, just, we couldn't get a take we liked so we're going to let it, like a fine wine, mature a bit.

Anyway, thanks for your support, person reading this. We love you. Tour dates in support of this record are also TBA.
Thanks ever so much, Max, Dmitriy, and Keith
OOCTOBER 5, 2016 Something big is coming.... stay tuned. A lot of time, money, and effort has been put into this next project of ours.

To be released: Spring 2017 Hang in there, Max, Keith, and Dmitriy

MAY 17, 2016
We have a new record!
The album is called INFINITE FIELDS. To be released on or around May 27th. Surprise. surprise! That is the reason why we really haven't played any shows nor updated the site! (Sorry for that, by the way)

Will be released on Spotify, iTunes, etc.

Here's some memes or whatever to promote it.

We hope you enjoy our latest offering. We will be playing a release show with Thirty-Five To Philly in Cherry Hill, NJ on May 27th to release it.

Make Deuteronomy Great Again,
Max, Keith, and Dmitriy

February 9, 2016
Yo! We put out a new single to Spotify and iTunes, check it out. It's a collaboration with our friends in Thirty-Five to Philly, who were just signed to our label, Creative Space Records. 

The track is called Dreams as Amontillado (Never Were). Check it out! 

We are still working on the record. We're working our hardest for a May 2016 release. 

Max, Dmitriy, Keith, and Pat (from Thirty-Five To Philly)

DECEMBER 24, 2015
We really need to get better at this site updating thing.... 

We have finished some more recording, 2 songs are completely finished at this point. It took three months, but that was because we decided it was worth it to redo them a few times over until we got the result we truly wanted.

It's nearing the one year anniversary of COSMONAUT LP's release, and we're really thankful some of you have listened to it as much as you did, and have made it truly what it is today. Music is nothing without the ears to hear it. So, we're doubly gratified. Strange to think how much has changed in merely one year... 

Merry Christmas, 
Max, Dmitriy, and Keith 

September 15, 2015
Hey! Sorry we have not updated this in forever.

We were in the studio again, we're working on a new record! We're back in the studio with Andrew Palais, producer of Cosmonaut LP. This new record is taking a step in a bit of a different direction, yet still staying along the same lines of our psychedelic pop back bone. We've performed some of the new tracks live already. - Naive Garden
-The Democratic People's Republic of Loneliness - Republican Town - 5/4 (the name of this one is to be changed. This is a working title) The song titled "5/4" has actually been in our repertoire since around early 2013. It used to be called "Soul Eater", but then we discovered a Japanese anime of the same name. We performed an instrumental version of it, then put it on the shelf for a long time.
We'll be in the studio all winter, and we hope to deliver this record by spring or summer. We're also giving serious consideration to our first major tour. Perhaps the rock of the D shall see the Pacific Time Zone! 

- Until Next Time, 
Max, Dmitriy, and Keith.

June 11, 2015

What a day this was. We thwarted a blog who was fraudulently plagiarizing all of Max's lyrics and claiming them as their own and were greeted with support and backup from our amazing fans. You guys are awesome, you know that? Just look at you!

What happened was, is some kid found all Max's tumblr posts online and posted them on his blog claiming them as his own work. He credited his name and all. We asked him to delete the posts and apologize, but he just blocked us. So, we had friends like you spam his comment section to links to the original. He ultimately deleted his blog (or admins of the board hosting it deleted it after we reported it.... it is indeterminate at of yet). Thanks for your tender care, nonetheless.

Keith also emphasized the word Lucky in his Lucky Lithuanian moniker by getting a promotion at work. High five him / whip out your mutual secret handshakes as many times as you feel is compulsory for such an achievement.

We were on the radio in Madrid, Spain, too. We are really proud to have had rotation of Money and The Mouth (the track the DJ liked best) on European airwaves. In the words of Gentleman Scott Buck, "Diga Me La Verdad! El Oso Querer Miel! Oh, Papi! El Amor Estoy Aqui!". That goes out to all you Spaniards out there; Big ups. 

Lastly, Max and Dmitriy wrote a new song, and we're going to move forward with it by practicing it and unveiling it at shows. It's kinda sorta progressive psychedeli-cized disco dancy rock'n'roll. We hope you reDISCOver your passion for dancing.

March 5, 2015

Hello again, and if you're here for the first time because you saw our URL on a T-Shirt and were curious, welcome! 

For those of you who have seen the URL on the shirt, it goes without saying that you're aware we have a new shirt design. If not, and you're here because you love us anyway, we have new shirts. 

(Sorry for the odd spacing on that)

It is the COSMONAUT LP official shirt. As you can see, that's Yuri Gagarin, with our faces. (L to R, Dmitriy, Max, Keith, Nicholas). We included Nick because while he is not in the band, he was on the album and was vital to two tracks. 

For the new people, check out our stuff on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. and poke around this site. It's pretty nifty, don't you think?

Max, Keith, Dmitriy (feat. Nicholas)

February 9, 2015
Hey everyone! The Grammy Awards were yesterday, and we don't know who was in charge of nominations, but they sure did fuck up when they didn't put "Especially Mad For You (feat. Nicholas Alden)" up for bid, didn't they? Well, at least Beck won something. Legend has it, he still has a couple of couches, and if you're in the right place at the right time, you can sleep on his love seat...

Anyway.... Sorry nobody's updated the site!

Our latest album, COSMONAUT LP, has been out of a little over a month now, and it's been doing well. It went to #178 on the Spotify streams charts (who knew Spotify had charts?) and we've heard rave reviews about it all. We hope to see a vinyl pressing put out by the middle of 2015. 

We are putting out limited edition COSMONAUT LP t-shirts, too. They'll be pressed and ready to be released before the end of the month. The design will be released the day the shirts come out to keep the element of surprise, however we will reveal to you guys that the shirts are themed to fit the album's premise. 

 We've had a bit of a falling out with Andrew Palais, our producer, and his band, Brooks. Long story short, kids, friendships should not under any circumstances be placed at a monetary value equivalent. However, out of respect to our tenure as good friends with the band and Andrew's still-withstanding efforts to the album prior to this drama he created, we recommend you check out their latest single, Tongues b/w Blossom.

With Love, 
Keith, Dmitriy, and Max
DECEMBER 24, 2014

Great news of progress!

All recordings are complete for the album, "COSMONAUT LP". It will be released on time, it's scheduled release date is still December 31st, 2014. The lead-off single, "ESPECIALLY MAD FOR YOU", has received respectable airplay in Atlantic City, NJ and Albuquerque, NM, becoming the #1 most requested song in the latter of which.

The album will be released to Spotify and iTunes, and perhaps pressed to CD and/or vinyl if there is a sizable demand. We'll be playing many shows in support of the album, notably Atlantic City and Philadelphia in mid/late January. Sometime soon, we're going to have an actual huge album release party. Info TBA.

See the newest tab of the website devoted to the album for the colossus about the album!

-Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah, 

Max, Dmitriy and Keith. 

OCTOBER 27, 2014
Good Day, Everyone! Alas, some news!


Especially Mad For You, the first single featuring Nicholas Alden on the keyboard sampler, has been a large success critically and commercially already. A second single will follow after the release of the album, to be picked by YOU, the fans! 
Since you all liked Especially Mad For You so much, we decided it'd only be justified to have a second song on the album featuring Nicholas Alden. A List Of Demands (feat. Nicholas Alden) will appear on the record. 

Please keep listening, and post about Especially Mad For You with the hashtag #EM4U and about the band with #DTRMY


In addition to the band, we'd like to thank Andrew Palais, guitarist of the pop-rock band Brooks, for producing, mixing, and mastering the album. His tireless work and unremitting creativity was crucial to the band and the album. 

-Max, Keith, Dmitriy (feat. Nicholas)


Good day, everybody! Hope your summer was as lively as ours.

Our single currently has 775 plays on soundcloud! Thank you for your support thusfar and we hope you continue. We've been basking in the warmth of Atlantic City radio waves as well, getting frequent rotation on 91.7 WLFR. If you know someone who is a program director at a radio station or you're an intern who fetches the DJ coffee, please see what you can do to get our music to waft into the eardrums of the world. (Well, your town at least!)

Mark Degliantoni, Keyboard Sampler for Soul Coughing (from whom we sample in the song) has listened to it and given us his personal thumbs up. If that isn't a reason to smile I don't know what is!

We have a few shows coming up, please stay tuned!

See the previous update for the link to stream the song.

Max, Dmitriy and Keith

AUGUST 8, 2014

Urrbodzz! We have a new single from the forthcoming album! We've been in the studio cranking. We were so elated with the results of one of the songs, we just decided to release it immediately to stream. 

This track features a harmonious arrangement of Max signing harmonies with himself, with Dmitriy providing baritone back up vocals on the chorus (Max is a tenor). Keith plays an electric upright bass. Nicholas a la Mark Degliantoni samples the lead trumpet section of Screenwriter's Blues by Soul Coughing, the trombone of Beirut by Goshen, vocal squeals from Marvin Gaye's Heard It Through The Grapevine, and various other samples. Max used producer Andrew's amplifier and found a tone sweet as honey for his illustrious and unique eighteen string guitar. 

Click this link to stream it - ESPECIALLY MAD FOR YOU

Recorded in our pal Andrew Palais's studio, he was the co-producer, engineer, mixer and master-er. Big ups to him. 

Yours Truly,
Max, Dmitriy, Keith, and briefly Nicholas again.   
JUNE 24, 2014

Apologies times a zillion for no updates nor mp3s of the month! Our band computer literally snapped in half! We had no way to send transmissions to you!

We have good news and bad news. Which first?

Bad news: Nick, the keyboard sampler man, has amicably split from us. We wish him well on his road to Boston and Berklee College of Music. We played any great shows with him, and have decided to continue without him. We will miss him and his musical muscle and prowess.

Good News: We will continue. No human being could possibly recreate the funk of Nick Alden, so we choose to keep it a trio, as we had been for many years prior to him. Also in the world of good news, we plan to have him as a guest on select tracks on the upcoming record to document the awesome tunes made with him. As tribute to Nick, we're leaving his band bio up for a little bit longer.

Sadly, for the time being, we are choosing to pause the Mp3 O' The Month deal for a little bit, until we get our sea legs again. Sorry! :/

Check back soon!

Max, Dmitriy and Keith

APRIL 1, 2014
Hi, all. We'd like to announce our break up. April fools! 

We've been talking an extended break on the album and being a band, pretty much. We've done nothing together for 4 months. Sorry about that! Next show is a one-night-stand in AC, NJ in May. Check it out. Debuting some new tunes. 

Send congrats to Nicholas, he's going to Berklee for college in music! He was accepted.

Much Love, 
Max, Dmitriy, Nick, and Keith
JANUARY 14, 2014
Happy belated New Year! 

Tomorrow, everyone's favorite sampler-man Nicholas Alden goes under the knife for surgery for an injury. Keep him in your thoughts and wish him well. 

Max, Dmitriy and Keith were down in Atlantic City recently to accept their award at the illustrious Elephant Talk Indie Music Awards, where we scored the trophy for Band To Watch 2014. In the humorous words of Dmitriy, "Band to watch? Why not band to listen to?" Anyway, we're really gratified to have won an award and want to send big ups to Jerry, who nominated us. 

Our New Year's Resolution is to keep at work on this album. The minute Nicholas is healed from surgery we're going to step into the studio. Sadly we're really behind schedule.  Anyway, Cibo Matto has a new album on deck for February, which we're all excited to hear!

Your Tardy Friends, 
Keith, Max, Dmitriy and Nicholas

TL/DR: Nick is indisposed, awards, New Year's Resolution, Cibo Matto
NOVEMBER 15, 2013
Great news! Deuteronomy was nominated for "Band To Watch" and Max was nominated for "Best Guitarist" in the Elephant Talk Indie Music Magazine Awards. Even better news! We won both!
Much love for Jerry at Elephant Talk who nominated us and who works daily with musicians. 

Recently, Deuteronomy sat down for an interview with a local paper. Here is a snippet, of a particular question that Max took the reins and eloquently answered. His answer we found especially interesting. Have a read!

Q: "If Deuteronomy were a recipe, what ingredient would each member be?"


Max: “Hmmm….. good question. If we were a burger, Keith would be the bun. A nice hawaiian roll. He holds everything together, with his deep low end. I think my voice would be the meat. It’s the first thing you notice, and it makes or breaks it. Either you like it or you don’t, and that decides your opinion of the whole burger. The lyrics are the cheese, because they’re really cheesy! Just kidding, but because coupled with the burger, it can also bring a band from liking them to thinking they’re awful. My guitar playing is by default the onion, lettuce and tomato. Dmitriy is irrefutably the bacon, because bacon enhances the flavors of every other ingredient while staying powerful itself. I don’t think we’d be where we are now if not for him. His drumming is just…. science, man! Nicholas is the special sauce. Not every burger has it, but it gives it a unique zest. Not many bands have a sampler, nor sample half the things we do. If someone eats burgers every day of their life, they’re eventually going to get tired of eating the same thing over and over again. What my food analogy is trying to elucidate is, is that if someone listens to the standard guitar/drum/bass/vocal combo, eventually you’ll get bored. We’re trying to throw something new in to make people genuinely dig it, which is why Nicholas is so crucial.”

Until next time,
Dmitriy, Max, Keith and Nicholas

TL/DR: Awards, Interview with a Bacon Cheeseburger Reference.

OCTOBER 31, 2013
Happy Halloween, everyone! Muahaha! 

Great news! We officially have a fourth member. Ladies and gentleman, on the keyboard sampler, Mr. Nicholas Alden! Nick played his first show with us on Oct. 29 to a huge crowd who really dug him. The show was recorded by DJ Swoon, actually (who performed at the same show) and if he hands over the recordings they'll be the mp3 o the month. Nick's band bio will be updated soon. 

Next stop on the Deuteronomy party bus, finishing this album. 

Yours Truly, 
Max, Dmitriy, Keith and Nick

TL/DR: There's a new guy. 
OCTOBER 16, 2K13
Uh, hey! Sorry for the late update, and no October MP3 O' The Month. You can blame Gentleman Scott. He recorded us playing (the one and only time we've played and ever will play it) a song entitled "Bitch, Don't Take Me To Funkytown", a mash up of Kendrick Lamar and Lipps Inc. Live in Atlantic City. Maybe next month?

Anyway, we have a few shows close to Halloween, and a very special surprise to unveil at them. Sorry pal, no hints. Like Sir Topham Hat says, "wait and see!" (bonus points if you picked up the reference.) 

RE: Doughty's album. Came out earlier this month. We dig it. Max has a signed copy, and his name in the "thank you" credits! The Gentleman and Max are going to see him tomorrow night, too. 

Chum Reap Leah, 
Keith, Max, Dmitriy and ______ (super secret surprise)

TL/DR: Gentleman Scott made a boo boo, Halloween, Doughty

Hey again. We have written 3 new songs since the last post, they're being finished up, and we'll record them next month, we hope. Max is uber-frustrated because the recordings we did in June aren't as he'd initially imagined them. It's tough to self produce an album! On the flip side of the coin, DJ Good Goose (who's resume includes albums by Mike Doughty, Handjob Academy, and Menya) will provide some production tips. Additionally, Mike Doughty's album of Soul Coughing's songs produced by DJ Good Goose comes out in 10 days exactly. Each band member is eagerly awaiting this, seeing as we're all big fans. Max is such a big fan that Doughty has blocked him on numerous sites around the 'net, cause he contacted him to praise him lavishly too much! We assure you all, there's going to be booming bass, thick beats, sonic twelve string guitars, crunchy six string guitars, miscellaneous noises, lyric intensive vocals, and even the rhythm section of Dmitriy and Keith do some back up vocals here and there. Unfortunately, our budget isn't as high as our expectations for this album!

If you're here because of those stickers you see posted in your town, hi there. Here's a picture of one on the breast of Tiff Bannister. On the right is Max and the left is Andrew Palais, of local pop-rockers, SilentNote. There's a close up of the sticker, too.

We wish a fruitful, successful year of school to all the students out there, and to all else, enjoy the last weeks of the season of summer! Look for more shows come late October.

Hasta Luego,
Dmitriy, Keith and Max

TL/DR: Deuteronomy, Soul Coughing, Boobs, Stickers, School.

AUGUST 9, 2013
Good day!  Firstly, sorry; A little late on the update, but it's because we've been so busy touring. (Speaking of which, the band played our tightest set to date at a secret Wednesday night show opening for Olio from Los Angeles. Sadly, we didn't record this one. But, at every show we vow to be equally as tight. Can't wait for you all to hear.)

 We cancelled the August recording dates because of it. We are so sorry. The album is taking more time (and money) than anticipated! So far, we've recorded Passion Abusers, Especially Mad For You, and Things Left Unsaid. We're trying to press the air out and get a tightly wound, spectra sonic sound. The second of which was predetermined to be the first single. It's been critically successful thusfar, a live version of it topped 1k views on YouTube and it in it's acoustic form is this month's MP3 O' The Month and many have praised it. 

This is the stuff we like, man!

Max, Dmitriy and Keith

PS: Also, Gentleman Scott Buck hooked us up with some stickers. They're black and they have a sexual innuendo inscribed upon them, followed by a big D and our URL. If you're here because of that, hi guys! 

TL/DR: Winding down from gigging, working on the studio stuff. Also, things that stick. 

JULY 1ST, 2013
Hi again! Summer is almost at the midpoint, seeing as it's July. Band is taking a breather this month. No gigs (we were set to open for Gene Loves Jezebel but that fell apart) this month. Dmitriy's on vacation for the bulk of the month in Me-hee-co.

We still have boxes and boxes of shirts, so please help us fund the album! You can find the link and photo of the shirt for purchase in the June status report.

We kind of lied, people. Well, not really, we didn't know this would happen though! We laid down a few rough tracks in the studio last month, full band in tow. This was supposed to happen in August, but, we scheduled another date to record in June! During Dmitriy's vacation, Max will be hard hard hard at work with Keith to perfect these tunes with overdubs and mixing them, so when we go back to record more in August, we'll be almost done the album. Yay!

With Love,
Max, Dmitriy and Keith

TL/DR: Deuteronomy isn't doing much in terms of shows this summer as we'd hoped, but, on the bright side, there will be a new album by the end of the year.

JUNE 1ST, 2013
Greetings and welcome to the first update of deuteronomymusic.com. 

Even though we've been a band since September 17th, 2009, we never had an official website. So, it's about time I guess! 

We're really happy to be here with you all. We're hard at work trying to get this album written, recorded and out to all of you. Thusfar, We have about half the tracks done. If you see us live, you'll be exposed to them. Some of them are real rump-shakers, if you ask us.

-Passion Abusers
-Especially Mad For You  
-Soul Eater
-Genius Of Displacement 
-A List Of Demands
-Shot Her Down

From what we know so far, it looks like Especially Mad For You will be the first single. It's running close with Things Left Unsaid as the band's favorite song to do, and we're getting tighter on every song we have every show. Day one of recording begins in August. 

We're also very pleased to tell you that Deuteronomy t-shirts are here. We sold 50 shirts in the first week. The beautiful design was penned by Nate at Top Hats On Cats. He's real skilled with a ballpoint pen and has given it to us good this time. They're yours for $15. Sizes go from Small to Double X. (S to XXL) Here's a close up of the shirt's design, and everyone's beloved roadie and photographer Gentleman Scott Buck modeling the shirt for your viewing pleasure. Purchase them at the link below. 

Keep your eyes peeled for Deuteronomy on tour, too. We hope to get up as far as Brooklyn and down as far as Baltimore come this fall season, and we'll have an album ready to promote coming to you on Canadian American Records. (Oh, if you haven't noticed, Deuteronomy has dropped from Creative Space Records/Smokin' Records, where The Propaganda of Deuteronomy was released on 29.02.2012.)

Max, Dmitriy and Keith 

TL/DR: Deuteronomy is hard at work to make some new tunes and playing shows, and put out some t-shirts.