Concert Info

Here’s a colossus of all concerts on tour in the foreseeable future. It is with great sorrow I confess, we’re not soothsayers. (except Dmitriy. He is.)

23 March 2018 - Burmese Skullhouse, Philadelphia, PA

06 April 2018 - The Basement, Port Jefferson Station, NY

13 April 2018 - Grace Chuch, Haddonfield, NJ

21 April 2018 - CHPAC, Cherry Hill, NJ

29 April 2018 - live set @ Iggy's house, Absecon, NJ 17 May 2018 - The Bath House, Philadelphia, PA (co-headlining with Playboy Manbaby) 19 May 2018 - Elephant Talk Indie Music Festival, Atlantic City, NJ (our 7th year in a row performing!) 08 June 2018 - Venue TBA, Philadelphia, PA 09 June 2018 - Howler's, Pittsburgh, PA 10 June 2018 - Cedars West End, Youngstown, OH

11 June 2018 - CODA, Cleveland, OH

12 June 2018 - SchwonkSoundStead, Port Huron, MI

13 June 2018 - Bemo's Bar, Bay City, MI 14 June 2018 - TBA, Detroit/Flint/Kalamazoo, MI

15 June 2018 - The Waiting Room, Naperville, IL

16 June 2018 - Venue TBA, Chicago, IL

17 June 2018 - Lynch's Irish Tavern, Port Huron, MI

18 June 2018 - TBA, Western PA

Deuteronomy is pretty lax about bootlegs, we don't mind at all if you record shows and trade them among your friends. There are two disclaimers, though:

1) Any bootleg you make, please send some of the highlights to one of the band’s many emails, found on the Links and Communication tab. We love to hear, and keep a collection of our own bootlegs. Who knows, your bootleg just might be the next MP3 O’ The Month!

2) Although Deuteronomy doesn't mind recordings, big thick-necked bouncers at clubs across America may not like it too much. They may try to pummel you or confiscate your tape and/or equipment. Be warned.