Band Bios

Name: Max Aronow


Birthday: July 22, 1997

Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA

Height: 5 foot something or other

Weight: 120lbs

Instrument Played in Deuteronomy: Guitar and Vocals

Grew Up: Mt. Laurel, NJ

Can Speak: English, German, basic Russian

Distinguishing Marks: Looks a lot like Harry Potter

Ambitions: in the process of being realized

Turn-Ons: Jokes, pizza, internetting, and listening to vinyl all night long.

Turnoffs: Losing all my money in online poker, broken guitar strings, scratched vinyl.

Favorite clothing: anything that fits, preferably furry.

When I get stressed out I: Tweet at an exponential rate.

My best feature is my: ability to make mostly anyone laugh

Lucky charm: Gold jewish star necklace

The coolest thing I ever did was: never met Nicki Minaj.

How to get my attention: Wave around a lot of money while dancing naked with free cheeze.

Musical influences: Mike Doughty and Soul Coughing, The Doors, Blind Melon, and Soundgarden

Also known as: Theguitarman, Maxwell, Cosmo Periwinkle

Motto: "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit!" - Banana Man Joined the band: Original member, September 2009.


Name: Dmitriy Prokopovich

Birthday: April 19, 1996

Birthplace: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Height: 6ft

Weight: 153lbs

Instrument Played in Deuteronomy: Drums

Grew up: Gibbsboro, NJ

Can speak: English, Russian

Distinguishing Marks: Really weird facial expressions at all times.

Ambitions: I want to groove my ass off.

Turnons: Technical music, Ping Pong

Turnoffs: Country music

Favorite Clothing: Birthday suit

When I get stressed out I: Bang the drums

My best feature is my: Femur

Lucky charm: 1 leaf clover

Coolest thing I ever did was: Climb on top of a giant rock above the ocean.

How to get my attention: Say a joke

Musical Influences: Led Blimp

Also Known As: Dima, Dmka, DP, D, Banana man.

Motto: “You can poop and pee but never kill a tree.” - Dima Joined the band: July 2012


Name:  Keith Aaron Steinberg

Birthday: April 23, 1994

Birthplace: Marlton, NJ

Height: 5'7

Weight: 200lbs

Instrument Played in Deuteronomy: Bass

Grew Up: Mount Laurel, NJ

Can Speak: Jibberish

Distinguishing Marks: Facial hair

Ambitions: To be a musician that makes music that people will like

Turn-Ons: My girl

Turnoffs: Everyone and everything else

Favorite clothing: American Eagle, Vans

When I get stressed out I: Play music.

My best feature is my: eyes

Lucky charm: My grandfathers desk in my room and my Cooperstown ring

The coolest thing I ever did was: I’m in Deuteronomy, aren’t I?

How to get my attention: Loud, catchy music.

Musical influences: Pearl Jam, Morphine, Nine Inch Nails, Soundgarden, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin

Also known as: Rocketdog, Original Tart, Bassboy

Motto: “even if you get it wrong but know how, it's better than getting it right knowing nothing” - Keith Steinberg Joined the band: January 2013


...and the special guest star on the album, COSMONAUT LP!
Name: Nicholas Alden
Birthday: June 18, 1996
Birthplace: Vorhees, NJ
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 185ish
Instrument Played in Deuteronomy: Keyboard Sampler
Grew Up: Mt. Laurel, NJ
Can Speak: English, Icelandic, basic German 
Distinguishing Marks: always looks markedly tired
Ambitions: making my ideas come to life as brilliantly as possible
Turn-Ons: a very in-tune piano, a full-size pedal harp, a very out-of-tune piano, a sense of humor
Turnoffs: Broken piano string (it DOES happen), closed-mindedness, lack of compassion
Favorite clothing: very loose shirts, very tight pants
When I get stressed out I: play
My best feature is my: love for the adversary of conventional thinking, (or my eyes)
Lucky charm: Hearts, stars and horseshoes! Clovers and blue moons! Pots of gold and rainbows! And red balloons!
The coolest thing I ever did was: about nine degrees below zero
How to get my attention: Say hello (preferably with an accent)
Musical influences: Björk, CocoRosie, Soap&Skin, Joanna Newsom, Tori Amos, Perfume Genius, Imogen Heap, The Knife, Yael Naïm, Franz Schubert, Rachmaninov, and a lot more
Also known as: Sampler Samurai, Nikolai Gogol, Jones, Nicole
Motto: "Nightswimming deserves a quiet night . . . ." - Michael Stipe, R.E.M.


Cast behind the scenes:

"Gentleman" Scott Buck - Official Photographer / Roadie / Band Best Friend. The prettiest cineast. He unknowingly ran for class president. He came in second.

"Czech, Not Chechen" Vojtěch Martinek - Devout Band Fanatic / Street Team Czech Republic leader. 
He speaks fluent English and Czech. 

"Uncle" Cliff Gonshery - Webmaster. He's Max's Uncle. He's awesome.

"Nanny" June Gonshery - Band Morale-Booster. She's Max's Grandmother. She's Awesome.

Jacob DeBlecourt - Resident joke supplier. Has been to, like, every Deuteronomy show since the beginning of the earth. And for that, we're doubly grateful.

Katie "KT" Tomko - Dmitriy's bodacious girlfriend. Draws things.

Andrew "Produce-Boy" Palais - Producer, engineer, mixer, and master-er for COSMONAUT LP and INFINITE FIELDS. The 4 in 1 man. Patrick Donoghue - That dude from Thirty Five to Philly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Notable Deuteronomy alums: - Julian Scanlan (bass/vocals, 2009 - 2012). Better known as Slushii nowadays. Left after album #1 to pursue electronic music. Currently an independent solo artist based in Los Angeles, signed to Monstercat Records. - Topher Farmer (Drums, 2009 - 2012). One of the original 2 founding members, along with Max Aronow. Left after album #1 due to creative differences. Currently studies physics at Rutgers University, New Jersey. - Nicholas Alden (Keyboard sampler, 2013-2014). Now known as Sadie Alden (MTF Trans person). Guested on a few tracks of album #2 and album #3. Whereabouts currently unknown.